? Supersong


While the country was looking forward to the cup, Sony Music International, the official sponsor of the event, held a worldwide contest to select a song for the world cup album that would be chosen by Rick Martin.
Producer Rodrigo Alexey, part of the studio team, produced the song and was qualified as the only Brazilian finalist in the contest.
We were surprised to know that the singer from Puerto Rico not only chose the song to enter into the official world cup album, but also wanted to meet Rodrigo Alexey personally. It was remarkable for the history of Berimbau. Our production participate in the album of the biggest sporting event in the world, along with artists like Rick Martin, Santana, Jenifer Lopez, Shakira, among others.
The track "Go, Gol" is the number 14 of the album and was played by Rodrigo Alexey and Gilberto Gil's daughter, Preta Gil.
It is proof that globalization has indeed reached the audiovisual world.